All internationals are welcome!  Students whose home language is not English are welcome to join the academy programme.  Special English lessons are given to foreign language students to assist them in adjusting to communicating and (for school goers) learning in English.

A.  FULL TIME STUDENT, either School Going or School Leaver.

School Going
School Goers attend Rundle College, where they learn the globally respected and internationally recognised Cambridge International Education.  Students can enter KeNako Academy from age 12 years. At this age they join Middle School before progressing to IGCSE’s and then AS and A Levels.  Senior students (18 or 19 years) are also able to join to study A Levels as a final year at school.

School Leaver
The School Leaver programme is morning focussed, with the afternoons dedicated to playing time on one of the fabulous golf courses played by the KeNako Academy students.  School Leavers train every morning and have free access to the Driving Range and the putting green where they are able to practice at any time.

Foreign language students can participate in special English lessons if they so wish, whilst new study options that will enhance international qualifications are set to be introduced in 2018.


Young adults can join KeNako Academy for an intensive short term programme for a set period. This can be as short as 3 or 4 weeks or as long as 6 months in duration.

Short-term students from overseas may, as an example, join KeNako for a programme during the European winter recess.  The period October through to April of the following year seems to be the most popular for European students, especially the first quarter of each calendar year.  Asian students have been accommodated at different times.

Both School Goers and School Leavers are accommodated.  The students join the full time students, but they receive additional focus time with the professionals to ensure maximum benefit from their stay. 

School goers wishing to get a taste of Cambridge International Education are welcome to attend school at Rundle College each morning during their stay.

Foreign language students can also participate in special English lessons if they so wish.


Azelia (Swiss National) joined KeNako Academy in January 2015.  She returned as a full time student in the second half of 2015.  Azelia has been studying her Cambridge AS and A Levels through Rundle College whilst participating as a full time student at KeNako Academy.

“Jan-Harm (Gym) is a very good coach – he provides a variety of exercises to make sure we do not get bored and he keeps the exercise routine interesting. I think Roger and Carlo are a great combination. When we practise with Roger, we work a lot on our technique, while Carlo assists us to put the techniques into play. I have gained immeasurable insight and being at KeNako has given me an invaluable opportunity. I have had an amazing opportunity to practise with great coaches and everything is good.”

Loris (Swiss National) first joined in January 2015 and returned in October 2016 for a further 6 months.

“My first impression of KeNako was really great.  It was the first time for me to be so far away from home but it felt like we were all a big happy family.  I have learnt a lot and my golf game has improved a lot.  The co-operation with Roger and Carlo is phenomenal.  I benefitted so much, especially my mental game and my confidence.  Roger has huge experience.  Jan is a great fitness coach and I really got stronger.  I have enjoyed every day.”

Loris returned to KeNako Academy in January 2017 and after playing tournaments during the European summer season he will be back to the academy later this year