The University of the Western Cape spent the first week of January on a Training Camp at KeNako Academy for the second consecutive year. It was really good to see the team back at the academy and thanks to all for your excellent attitude and great spirit. It was fun seeing the new boys wearing their placards!!

Overview of KeNako Winter Holiday Golf Camp.

Another successful tournament for KeNako Academy! Some pictures of KeNako Academy students at the Pinnacle Point Open. Not all students played but those that did enjoyed excellent weather with a 2 club wind blowing for most of the day.

Students at KeNako Academy and Rundle College have entered two teams into the local indoor soccer league. 6 Boys make up a team with 4 boys on the playing pitch during the game. The 2 substitutes go on and off during play.

Sudents Training in KeNako Gym- August 2013

Kenako SA World Juniors 2013

Overview of KeNako Holiday Golf Camp 2012

overview of the KeNako Schools Golf Festival 2012

overview of KeNako kids event 2012 at Volvo Fancourt

Korean students visit KeNako academy

overview of the KeNako December 2011 Golf Camp

overview of the KeNako July 2011 Golf Camp

overview of the KeNako April 2011 Golf Camp

overview of the KeNako December 2010 Golf Camp

Gary Player visits KeNako academy

KeNako Golf Academy\'s Facilities and Premises