Dear Uncle Ron

I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you have done getting me to where I am today. KeNako has had a major role in shaping me into who I am and my development as an adult. Not only did my passion for golf grow, I also received a great education at Rundle College, which has been a key to my success thus far. I have also grown tremendously as a person as a result of my experience at KeNako.

Throughout my high school career, I always had the dream of studying internationally, and at the time it seemed quite far-fetched. I remember mentioning it in a speech actually. Little did I know that it would become a reality.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to study in a college in the United States. And in May of last year, I graduated Magna Cum Laude. KeNako Academy and golf opened the door to the scholarship and Rundle College and its high quality international education provided an amazing foundation for my academic success at College in the USA.  None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for your generosity, Uncle Ron. I just hope that my story inspires others to expand their horizons and follow their dreams regardless of their background. I also hope that others are motivated to completely invest themselves into the KeNako program because it is extremely rewarding.

I would also like to thank all the staff at KeNako Academy for encouraging me and helping me see my potential. The KeNako staff is a great team that is totally invested in the growth and success of every student. The same can be said of the management and teaching staff at Rundle College. I will continue to take what I have learnt into my future studies and endeavours. In my future I hope to be able to support upcoming students in the same way that you are, Uncle Ron.

Yours truly,

Charnay Williams

Charnay Williams
Dear Mr. Ron Boon

I hope this letter finds you well. It is a while since I left KeNako Academy but it is still very much part of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and KeNako Golf Academy for my development, both in golf and in life. I came to the academy as an 11 handicap golfer and left as a 2 in the space of 3 years. KeNako has not only dramatically changed my golf but it has also changed my thought process and my approach to life and its challenges.

It’s now almost two years since I departed the academy and I’m starting to understand everything you were trying to teach me there. “It’s a process” like you’ve always told us. I wish I worked as hard as I’m working now when I was still there. It’s the hardest I’ve ever worked for me as a person and for my future. In a few weeks’ time I will be leaving SA for Dubai. I wouldn’t have been able to go there if it wasn’t for the grounding and development skills that KeNako has taught me. Thank you!

Introducing Cambridge International Education was also one of the best steps taken. Without Rundle College I would have minimum access to schools overseas. You’ve open doors for me. I’m not yet there but I will get there.

‘Skills for Life’ is the promise and KeNako lives this Motto!

Thank you again.

Phumlani Maluka
To parents considering KeNako

I am a Grandfather who has raised two grandsons as sons for the past 14 years.

Cameron our youngest who us now 18, displayed a keen interest in golf. On one of our holidays we happened to visit KeNako In George.

We were impressed with the facilities, staff and programmes offered. We enrolled him at the age of 14 and he attended a loving ‘boarding school’.

He thrived academically, emotionally and as a golfer. We had hoped he would become neater but here, hmm, more work needed.

He won player of the year at KeNako for the next three years and this year won the leading Amateur in the SA Open and was awarded the Freddie Tait Trophy as the winning Amateur.

Without the grounding at KeNako this would not have been possible. We also noticed that he grew emotionally and in confidence with his KeNako experience.

When he won the George OOM at the age of 15, we were pleasantly surprised by his excellent “Victory” speech. Clearly KeNako was providing a fully rounded education!

I would like to express my special thanks to the Boon Family for the way they embraced Cameron. Thanks Ron, Sally, Aidan and Caylum. He also appreciated Roger’s coaching and when I asked do you like Roger, he replied, ‘No, I love him!’. Thanks Roger for being his coach and his Dad! Also Rowly who took such special care of Cam, thank you sooooo much.

KeNako has played a major roll in our lives and I thank you all. Great parenting and education both in the classroom and on the field. You are all very special.

Darryl Thwaits CA (Z), CA (SA), MBA (Scot). Independent Consultant
Dear Ron,

Unbelievable,amazing – the performance to Azelia.What do you do with her in Kenako!? She is just enjoying to be there and feel good.That`s the most important thing for us.And she can do what she like – what a present!
Thank you Ron for everything and say thank you to all from the staff-to the Head Coach and Coach Golf,Mental Coach,Physical Coach,to everyone who works there.

Gaby Meichtry, Swiss Parent
I would like to thank you, Sally, Roger and the whole team at KeNako for a wonderful 3 years that James enjoyed at KeNako. When he started at KeNako he was a young boy, full of enthusiasm and a passion for Golf. Today he is a great young man and athlete, the passion for the game he loves so much still burns fiercely in him, only now he has the solid base on which he can grow and improve his game.
James still refers to Kenako as if he is still part of the team – this is how much he loves KeNako and the KeNako team. It is a great tribute to you and your team at KeNako and I know that KeNako will always be close to James’s , Anna and my hearts.
Mike Pennington
Dear Team

Before joining KeNako Academy, I had a life threatening car accident in 2010 and my golfing career came to a standstill. 2 Years later I had to choose if I was going to pursue a career as a teaching professional or continue striving to achieve my dream of being a touring professional.

My self-esteem and my confidence were at their lowest ebb. At the beginning of 2012 I had a long discussion with Roger Wessels about my golfing career and I was seriously considering coaching as a profession because I was fairly good at it. I thought that maybe I could become a golf coach at KeNako Academy.

After meeting and discussing things with Roger and hitting some balls on the range with Roger, I had a few days to think about things before making my final decision. I had to come back and decide on my future. I’m so pleased that after talking with Roger I felt that my door remained open to continue in the pursuit of my dream!

Since the very first day that I walked in to the KeNako Academy I’ve always felt welcome. I probably received the greatest gift of all – it’s the gift when people believe in you. It didn’t just relate to Roger but to the whole team at KeNako. After a meeting with the Psychologist at KeNako I realized the importance of one’s own self-worth.

I’ve worked hard with Roger Wessels, Ron Boon and the KeNako team and in 2013 I made a comeback to the Sunshine Tour.

I literally went from just being a normal professional on tour to a Champion and it is such a great feeling! I have now achieved 5 Top 10 finishes on the Sunshine Tour, 1 victory and an enormous amount of self-belief. During 2014 I’ve only missed 2 cuts on the Sunshine Tour and I am ranked 29th on the Sunshine Tour Order of Merit. I achieved all of this in just 1 year and 9 months after first meeting with Roger and the team at KeNako Academy and returning to playing professional golf.

I can only thank KeNako for giving me the final push to become the player I am today. Roger Wessels is not just the best golf coach I’ve worked with but the greatest Gentleman of the game I know. The facilities at KeNako are world class and the students at KeNako Academy don’t know just how lucky they are to be in such a world class facility and with such high quality professionals. KeNako provides all the students with the necessary tools that they need to reach their full potential. As an outside professional it is really great to see the program and the positive impact that it is having on the students at KeNako Academy.

I sincerely have to thank the Team at KeNako for changing my life. It’s only been a pleasant and enjoyable experience being part of such an amazing institute. I look forward to my future with great expectation and I believe that I will be reaching all my goals with the continued help of KeNako.

Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. “A man with great dreams can achieve great things”

Heinrich Bruiners
This past weekend I played with 2 of your students (Andre & Mandla) at Pinnacle Point. It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you that these 2 youngsters are a fantastic advertisement for your academy. Although all 4 of us did not play well, they were just a pleasure to play with and very well behaved. They were a great example for my 11 year old son who played with us. I’ve seen so many bad manners from youngsters in the past on golf courses and this was just the opposite experience.
Congratulations received from an outside Parent!
Dear Ron, With the New year having got underway and things returning to ‘normal’ I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude to you and the whole KeNako team for the amazing transformation in James from a young boy with a passion for Golf ( at the beginning of 2012 ) into an athlete that is starting to compete with his peers at a National level. He has just broken into the top 50 ( he is currently 47th, I believe ) on the SA order of Merit for under 19’s. ( he is still only 17 with 2014 and 2015 to look forward to in this age group ) The way that James has matured and grown, both as an athlete and as a young man under KeNako’s coaching and guidance is fantastic. Roger, as we knew he would, is proving to be a great coach and mentor, he calmly ( on the surface ) is doing great things with James’s all round approach to the game of Golf on top of the technical aspects of the game. I look forward to James’s further growth and improvement in his Golf game, general maturity and athletic ability during 2014. I hope that James will make KeNako as proud of him as I am and one day that he will be a true ambassador for KeNako. Would you please pass on my gratitude and thanks to the entire KeNako team, you should all be very proud of what I believe is a World leading Sports and Golf training facility. Well done!
We look forward to our relationship with KeNako continuing and are very excited about James’s future in Golf with KeNako’s continued help and guidance.
Mike Pennington
Dear Kenako team members, Thank you once again for taking such good care of our son, we entrusted you with being his caregivers for two long years and the results are amazing. You have transformed a very shy and insecure boy into a responsible, committed and self-assured young man. The tools you have provided him has resulted in him achieving not just personal success but a new vision to continue his education in his golf. We do not know how you have achieved this change in attitude but from the bottom of our hearts thank you. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage any parent who is contemplating enrolling their child into your programme, to do so without hesitation, as you will get a much more matured child back. The positive changes will be noticed from day one, as a mother I can testify to that. Thank you for entrenching good healthy habits in our sons life as this was also coupled with the ethos of discipline that Kenako strive to achieve, which has now become part of his daily routine. We will miss you all but remember our lives are forever intertwined, as we are part of the Kenako family forever. Thank you with lots of appreciation and love. May you grow from strength to strength in all your endeavors.
The Jooste Family
Thank you KeNako!

I write to congratulate the team at KeNako for an amazing World Juniors event and a great experience! Earlier this year the Austrian Golf Federation asked me to travel with a team to the KeNako World Juniors as coach. The tournament was very well organised, the hospitality was great and the course was in super condition – a good test for the players. I highly recommend this tournament to any country or player who want to experience really high quality tournament golf. Thanks for letting me and the Austrian team be a part of the KeNako World Juniors! I am South African born and I have been a pro now for 23 years, having played and taught on all levels. This really was an awesome experience and one of the best junior tournaments that I have ever attended! I now know why South-Africa produces so many good golfers – it is because they look after the future and that is junior golf.

Head Professional - Reit im Winkl Golf Club
Thanks for being so nice to my players and so helpful to me. We look forward to returning to South Africa to play in next year’s tournament. I will also definitely recommend any player or junior to visit the KeNako Academy. It’s a great location; an amazing facility and a wonderful place to learn golf or to make holiday. Thanks KeNako!
Steven Waltman
I had the good fortune of being able to watch my son Sean compete in the KeNako World Junior Champs last week. I would like to bring your attention to a few things that I saw and experienced during my stay. I have been a professional golfer for 27 years and 17 of those playing the SA and Asian tours. The organization and set up of your event was reminiscent of a professional tournament. From the first day that your team collected the players from the airport to the transport from the hotel to the course every day was outstanding. I was also lucky enough to be at the course to watch some golf and all I can say is “wow” from the live scoring to leader boards that the last few groups had was great; just another bit of attention to detail that only a pro event would have. This is the only amateur event I have ever been to that looks, feels and runs like a pro event . The boys and girls got their first taste of what it would feel like to be a pro. Having TV coverage as well and being able to see themselves on Supersport was fantastic and exciting for them. To top it all off the prize giving and dinner function was out of this world. Congratulations to both of you and your team and especially Sally for all the many hours of hard work that was dedicated to making your event a very special one. I wish you all the best for the future and I know your tournament will grow to be one of the best junior tournaments in the world if it is not there already. Well done!
Wayne Bradley-Mail received after KeNako SA World Juniors 2013
It’s been an absolutely phenomenal stay. I arrived at KeNako with some challenges.
I’ve learnt the significance of having a healthy body and a healthy mind.
If I had my way I would send every one of my colleagues to learn the important lessons that I have learnt about my body….
….about building up skills and about building up confidence and then executing with confidence and precision.
Senior Executive Major Corporation
I’ve had a most enjoyable stay. It’s been very informative. The instruction is first class and the facilities are certainly first class. I’d recommend it to anybody; I’m going to recommend it to my friends.
I’m definitely going to be coming back to KeNako. The people are very welcoming; it’s informative; it’s a great asset to South Africa…..
International Guest
…which has brought me to KeNako where I am looking to refine myself for the next chapter in my life…. I’m excited about KeNako not only because of what it means ‘it’s time’;
I’m also excited because it is a cutting edge proposition that is going to help me to look at not only my physical and technical capabilities which will allow me to accelerate my performance in sport;
but the other thing that excites me is that I am getting the opportunity to reflect about the very things that I reflect about in business
– strategy, preparation and execution.
It’s a wonderful meeting point for me because one of the things I’m consistently looking for is the edge in what I am about to do. I’m surrounded by a team of awesome experts;
and I’m excited by where I’m going to get to in terms of my level of
physical and mental performance…
CEO Major Corporation
Relating to KeNako professional saying ‘know and understand your body’.
“It sounds like me at work; not talking about process engineering but understanding how that system works and then on that basis we can isolate how we want different parts of the system to perform….
CEO Major Company
Relating to KeNako professional saying ‘make sure you have the basics right’.

“It’s ironic; I’ve been on Roadshows about us sticking to the basics; so thanks for giving me the foundation to build upon.

Managing Executive Major Company
Relating to KeNako professional saying ‘Do not be distracted by external contexts; create your own contexts and control them internally rather than letting them control you.
It goes back to business. We understand the internal environment. We develop our strategies and we execute with the belief that we’re going to get the outcome.
It’s going to serve as an important reminder to me when I get back to the office.
CEO Major Company
The other two areas were completely new to me and I can safely say that I was a bit sceptical. However, it was the psychological review that proved to be most beneficial and was instantly noticed…
International Guest
I went along to KeNako as a complete novice. I’d hit a few golf balls before but had hardly managed to get the ball off the ground.
After an hour with Roger I was hitting most balls about 100 meters in the air with a 7 iron which I thought was fantastic.
KeNako has given me the confidence to actually start playing golf without feeling embarrassed about being a beginner.
International Guest
The physical coaching/assessment opened my eyes again to how extensively the body is interconnected and how this effects your actual swing. They gave me exercises to improve strength and flexibility
which will again hopefully add more consistency to my game . Overall, it was an eye opening and a very productive experience.
International Guest