17-Year-old Zané Naude joined the KeNako Academy School Leaver Programme in the beginning of the year as a 6 handicap and in just under 4 months has lowered her handicap to a 1.

Zané was a homeschooling student and completed both Grade 11 and 12 last year. She decided to take a Gap Year and dedicate 2018 to her passion and first love; golf.

Zané was 14 years old when she competed in her first tournament, the Mpumalanga Junior Foundation. She remembers feeling very nervous competing in the mixed event and recalls finishing 3rd in the C Division. Her aspirations for this year are to become a scratch handicap and to play consistently well in tournaments. One highlight for her thus far was being selected to represent the Southern Cape Team in the Ladies SA 72-hole Team’s Championship.

When competing in tournaments she stays focused by reminding herself to “live in the moment” and play shot for shot, a lesson instilled in her by both KeNako Academy Chairman and Founder Ron Boon and Head Golf Coach Roger Wessels. Her daily routine consists of attending morning golf lessons with one of the expert KeNako golf coaches, (focusing on either short or long game), working on her physique, fitness and mobility with Fitness Expert Jan-Harm Venter, playing 9 holes and enjoying her evening stretch routine with the rest of the academy students.

Her favourite club at the moment is her putter; stressing the fact that she needs to use it on every hole, so she is kind of obligated to love it! Just a little bit of sass/sarcasm from this 17-year-old golfer, since she is focused on improving her short game at the moment. Remain dedicated and focused on your game, keep smiling and you will master your challenges Zané!

Zané is looking forward to playing The Links Fancourt Golf Course one day. She has heard that it is a difficult course to play, but she enjoys a challenge and believes that it will be an amazing experience. Her favourite local course is Oubaai Golf Course. She appreciates the pristine condition the course is in and the beautiful ocean views you enjoy whilst playing. She is inspired by golf professional Rory McIlroy (and is saddened that he is already in a committed relationship ), she admires his commitment and dedication and his “never-stay-down” attitude, which she finds encouraging.

Zané enjoys the hostel and “family” environment with great coaching, amazing facilities and being surrounded by the outstanding golf courses in the region. She says that Roger is a great coach and she is appreciative of how drastically her game has improved over the past few months. She embraces each mental coaching session and feels that she is learning a great deal from a mental perspective. Zané relishes her short game sessions with Carlo Kok who explains and teaches her the significance of each putting lesson, drill and exercise. So she doesn’t just mindlessly complete activities, but sees and understands the bigger picture.

She believes one of her strengths lies in her positive attitude and outlook on life, for every situation she is faced with. Zané is full of life and always smiling – your dedication and commitment will surely pay off! It is great to see you enjoying yourself so much Zané! Well done – the rewards of your efforts will flow!!

KeNako Academy, Student Profile: Zané Naude.