From 36 handicapper in January 2017 to winning a Golf Scholarship to the USA! WOW! Well done Carey!

Carey Dodds learnt to play golf in the Little Karoo, on a course with no grass in her parents’ hometown of Uniondale. She inherited her love for golf from her father’s side of the family and started playing golf just over two and a half years ago. She remembers being something of a beginner golfer and competing in her first golf tournament, the Southern Cape Open, in 2016. She felt very nervous teeing off and recalls that playing the first few holes were terrifying, but soon she started to relax and enjoy the experience and the game. She is currently a 4.3 handicap and her goal is to get her handicap as low as possible. Her long term goal is to become a professional golfer and take the female division by storm. One of her career highlights thus far is winning the Border Championship B Division, a feat she accomplished early in 2018.

Her daily schedule involves working on her short and long game skills with KeNako Academy coaches Roger Wessels and Carlo Kok, working on her strength and flexibility in the gym with Sport Scientist Jan-Harm Venter and putting practice into play by playing as much as possible. She enjoys her lessons and believes that all the KeNako Academy coaches are experts in their fields. Her favourite local course in the region is Kingswood Golf Course. She has become familiar with the course and its layout and feels confident when teeing off. Carey believes that her competitive advantage lies in her distance and her favourite club is her driver.

In December 2016, Carey was a 36 handicap golfer. She attended the KeNako Academy’s Summer Camp, enjoyed the experience and Head Golf Coach Rogers Wessel’s coaching technique immensely and so decided to enroll in the School Leaver Programme in 2017.

Carey’s progress has been phenomenal. It just goes to show what can be achieved with the right attitude, combined with a dedication to the task at hand. Her shot variation skills have improved tremendously over the last year and she is an extremely focused individual. Her best gross score of 71 (1 under par) was achieved recently in a club round that she played together with Head Coach Roger Wessels. Carey has recently accepted a golf scholarship to a University (College) in Texas and she will be starting the next phase of her golfing life there in January 2019. Wishing you all the best with your chosen career Carey!