Australian National, Agib Hughes, was born in Mali and spent the first 5 years of his life growing up in the beautiful West African country. His parents decided to move back to his father’s home country, Australia. They returned to live in Brisbane. Apart from his love for golf, Agib enjoys playing darts and participating in most water sport activities.

His father enjoys playing golf and Agib accompanied him to the golf course on many occasions before he could even walk. At the age of 6 he developed a deep passion for the game. Agib would like to follow in the footsteps of his favourite professional golfer Henrik Stenson, whom he admires because of his calm demeanour. He might consider a career as a financial banker but at the moment that is not where his heart or head is at and golf is his main priority. Needless to say, his father is a great support and motivator in his life.

The first official tournament he played in was the European Championships in Scotland, when he competed in the U12 division. He played well and was happy with his results, finishing around 20th out of a field consisting of about 70 competitors. He remembers starting the tournament out very relaxed, but once he noticed and watched his opponents play, nerves started creeping up.

His goal for this year is to get his 3 handicap down to a scratch. His proudest accomplishment to date was when he qualified for the Junior World Championship 2 years back at Huddle Park in Johannesburg. He finished 2nd in the tournament. Although he finished 1st in the same qualifier the year before, he felt that the competition in the second tournament was extremely tough and the field was more competitive.

Agib would appreciate the opportunity to play Augusta National Golf Course one day. He enjoys watching The Masters and would love to play the wonderful course the professionals are privilege to play each year. His two favourite local courses in the Garden Route region are Oubaai Golf Course, because of the beautiful scenery and Kingswood because the front and back 9 are completely different.

Agib is a Checkpoint 3 (Grade 9) student at Rundle College. His subjects include Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History, Accounting, Environmental Studies, Art and English. His favourite subject is Maths. Agib is a bright learner, he enjoys school and his academics are important to him.

Agib would like to finish school at Rundle and then enroll at university on a golf scholarship. His ultimate goal would be to attend Stanford University, but he knows that acceptance into this elite university is extremely selective. For the moment he is focused on improving his game and doing well in school. He enjoys being a KeNako student, especially the fact that he gets to play golf with his close friends and shared the following; “The professionals are incredible, they help a lot. When I arrived at KeNako Academy, my golf was not in great condition and I have been making great progress.”

The sky is the limit – there is nothing holding you back from achieving your dreams and making them a reality. KeNako Academy is privileged to be a part of your journey.