On finishing school, most young adults have little idea as to what they wish to do in their future lives. KeNako Academy offers an opportunity for a School Leaver to enrol for a yearlong programme that will allow them time to find their feet but simultaneously improve skills in many different ways. The students live in the fantastic academy facility where they will make lifelong friends with people from different countries of the world whilst participating in a golf or tennis programme that includes both physical and mental skills training. The physical and mental training programmes are designed to enhance skills on a broad basis and to develop excellent future life habits. Students wishing to study whilst at KeNako Academy are able to participate in selected academic options. Serious sports men and women as well as social players are welcome to attend the School Leaver Programme. The programme is adjusted to suit individual requirements.

For further information on the SCHOOL LEAVER PROGRAMME/GAP YEAR PROGRAMME contact or 044 874 0370





All of the above programmes are open to both boys and girls.

Programme inlcudes

  • Technical golf tuition including assessments and analysis
  • Physical training program
  • Mental skills
  • High quality professional mentors
  • Disciplined environment and life skills
  • Tranquil and safe surrounds
  • Membership at 2 top golf courses in the Garden Route
  • Community service and other business exposure (if interested)
  • Accommodation & meals (during 4 terms only)
  • Housekeeping & laundry

Additional Options:

A Levels (6th Form) – Cambridge International Education at Rundle College;
Selected Tertiary Education qualification options available through NMMU;
Outdoor activities including beaches, cycling, mountaineering, horse riding, running, water sports and many others;
Numerous local Open Golf Tournaments;
Opportunity to play at and experience some of the premier golf courses in South Africa in the mecca of golf, the Garden Route.