Head Coach Roger Wessels was invited by the R & A to attend the Level 3 Rules School managed by the R & A in Cape Town. The event was facilitated by SAGA. Roger was asked to share his experience and what it is like for a referee to deal with tournament players in performance mode.Roger says that he also shared some humorous stories linked to rules situations from his days on tour. On the final day of the School Roger assisted with the practical rules session. It is a compliment to Roger that he is still so highly regarded – congrats Rog! There were 59 delegates from South Africa in attendance and Roger was very impressed with this number and the fact that there are so many people in SA interested in and enthusiastic about the game of golf at a rules level, which is critical to the future of the game. Those delegates who pass Level 3 are then fully qualified to be a tournament referee.

KeNako-Roger Wessels invited by R & A to address Level 3 Rules School in Cape Town