For KeNako Academy to achieve its goals of becoming a global leader within the Sports Academy and Sports Science Institute space the academy has to employ the very best people and offer a service beyond the norm.  Skills for Life is a promise that impacts all clients, be they up-and-coming students or experienced executives.  KeNako professionals assimilate these ideals, all the while offering clients a unique and personal experience.


Our Philosophy is to use measurable scientific training methods rather than rely on a subjective opinion. Even though our methodology makes use of lhighly technological teaching systems, this method actually simplifies things for our students rather than complicating them.

KeNako is able to develop young talent to their maximum sporting potential, whilst simultaneously developing Skills for Life. The intention is to have fun whilst enjoying a rewarding life experience.

Director of Golf

Golf Coach

Sports Science Professional


KeNako Golf and Sports Academy encourage golfers to be concerned with maintaining their fitness and health.  Therefore our approach is to recommend you to become involved in a fitness programmes that helps you maintain your strength, flexibility, and endurance levels.

Core training, Calanetics, Pilates, circuit training, aerobic training, postural training, and swimming are among the list of activities that the KeNako Fitness and Health Professionals recommend. Core strength, postural conditioning, and flexibility top the list of importance in golf fitness training.  These concerns help develop a foundation for injury prevention.

Circuit training, aerobic training, and cardiovascular training help promote greater endurance and longevity.  While strength training is mainly concerned with playing more powerful golf.

Overall fitness is balanced with a healthy diet.  By eating healthier foods and by drinking more water your body will feel more energetic, recover faster, and you will be able to play good golf for longer.