As the end of the first term approaches, everyone is looking forward to a well deserved break!  Taking a break from the routine of the KeNako Academy program will provide time for things like leisure activities, rest and spending time with family and friends.  It also means a break from the intense coaching and instruction students have had over the past 2 months.  This is also good – there’s a time for everything, and now it is time (KeNako!) to recharge.

What I am striving for in the physical program is for the things that our students are learning and practicing in gym each week to become an integral part of their everyday lives; to be sustained even during the holidays.  It is apparent that many of the students are developing a real affinity for physical exercise and many of them will continue to work out during their holidays.  But apart from doing exercise, I’m hoping to see a difference even in the way they stand, sit, walk and pick up a heavy bag packed for the flight home.

It is my aim for students not to think of gym as something artificial, but to apply what is taught in the KeNako gym to the everyday activities of life.  Unfortunately the world has created a “gym culture” which can have very negative effects on people’s long term physical health and overall balance in life.  Students at KeNako are always encouraged to learn about their bodies’ anatomy and physiology; to gain an understanding of the way their bodies are supposed to function in performing movements; so as to maximise the value of what is being learnt into their future lives.

Starting with a holiday training program is a step in the right direction and it will help to make the students’ new good physical habits stick.  Training will become a part of their everyday living, just as eating and sleeping is integral to each day!  I am proud of our students.  They have done really well during the first term, and have made some great adjustments and improvements to their body mechanics.  We are all looking forward to next term, knowing that we can continue building on the strong foundation that has been laid.

jan-fourieJan Fourie