KeNako Academy golf student Mike Saxer played superb golf to finish in 2nd place in the Championnat de Suisse Romande in Switzerland. Mike shot 8 under par 208 with rounds of 69, 71, 68. Mike was 1 shot behind the winner, Jeremy Freiburghaus.

Several other players with a KeNako Academy connection played well. The winner Jeremy Freiburghaus (now professional) scored 207 (9 under par). Loris Schüpbach scored 207 and finished in 3rd place. Both Jeremy and Loris attended the academy programme several times in preparation for the European golf season. Great to see Klara Wildhaber also playing so well; she won the Ladies division in the tournament. She spent 6 months at KeNako Academy and Rundle College first half 2016. Well played all!