‘ke nako’ – a Sotho saying that literally means ‘the time has come’; ‘it is time’.

In line with its literal meaning, KeNako Academy is defining a new space in the ever evolving evolution of sport, sport’s academies, scientific research and general health and wellness. Combining scientific analysis with real life experience allows KeNako to be at the cutting edge of its industry; to allow KeNako’s clients to enjoy and experience something new and different; something that will set them apart and at the same time set them up for future success.

KeNako is a multi-disciplinary training and development institution positioned at the cutting edge of its industry niche; incorporating great ideas, ongoing research, the latest in technology and flawless implementation.

KeNako Academy is situated in George, in the heart of South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route region. The KeNako Academy is entirely private; surrounded by golf courses. Whilst it is sporting disciplines around which the academy is built, KeNako offers a great deal more, hence its Skills for Life promise.

What KeNako Offers?
KeNako offers clients (individuals and/or groups) the opportunity to participate in programmes that identify and measurably improve their Wellness via the academy’s KeNakology processes.

KeNakology –

“The interdisciplinary and scientific study of the human mind and body in relation to golf, sport, individual learning, groups and teams.

KeNakology encourages creativity breakthrough experiences with respect to mental skills structure, function and development through left and right brained holistic thinking.

KeNakology allows for the improved processing of information; applying knowledge and changing preferences to each idiosyncratic circumstance (framing heuristics).

KeNakology offers instructive theory and contemporary educational psychology in Life Skills and Sport Neurology; taking cognisance of scientific support for nervous system links relative to performance.

KeNakology is simultaneously mindful of body limitations and of maximising physical performance via progressive training programmes in achieving optimal outcomes.”

KeNako offers clients a wellness experience on many different levels. Each client receives individual analysis and a personalized programme that will improve the quality of their game for the golfers (with any one or a combination of technical, physical and mental skills options) and the quality of their life for the non-golfers.

KeNako Academy offers clients the following options:

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals ensure the full growth and potential of KeNako’s clients.

Professionals at KeNako Academy include:

Director of Golf
CARLO KOCK – Head Professional