The victory of the Southern Cape Ladies in their Division at their IPT means that the Southern Cape has now been successful in each of the last 4 IPT’s played by their respective teams.  The KeNako Academy has played an influential role in this success. 

It started with the now defunct U23 IPT in 2015, where 6 of the team were KeNako Academy students. Then came the U19 IPT, which saw 5 KeNako students representing that team which became the first Southern Cape team in history to be crowned champions of the U19 IPT.  The next milestone was another historical achievement, with a first ever victory in the 56-year-old Premier IPT.  3 of the victorious Premier IPT team were KeNako Academy students.  Finally, from a Southern Cape perspective, the Ladies won their Division of the Women’s IPT and the number one lady on that team of 4 players was a KeNako student.  BUT…. The impact of KeNako Academy does not end there!  In 2015, the SAGA Juniors won the Challenge IPT for the first time in history and 3 of that team were boys from KeNako Academy. What an achievement!