KeNako Academy is able to provide a total golf solution, with experts in each of the technical, physical, mental and nutritional disciplines, practising their professions within the KeNako structure. Besides the specialized professional support, KeNako is able to offer first-rate practice and playing facilities and an on-site gymnasium with high quality apparatus.

Golf Swing
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The vast majority of recreational golfers love the game of golf and have a desire to improve their games, but in truth they are often ill-equipped to achieve their goals. They may have physical conditions that inhibit their ability to play the game more effectively; alternatively they may have physical limitations that they are unaware of and that need to be taken into account when working on their golf swing. Of course, they may be both technically and physically well equipped but with a bad attitude! Problems come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of personalities.

Recreational golfers can either work together with the KeNako professionals on a part time basis or alternatively book in for an intensive 3 to 5 day (or longer) golf programme that embraces all of the technical, physical and mental aspects relating to the game; one that will make a difference to their ability to play the game of golf.

For individual golf tuition bookings and costs contact us on 044 874 0370