In this current time, I am sure that we all have a better idea of our own ability to adapt to adverse circumstances. It is a fact that whether you fight against a change/challenge or embrace it and eventually move through it will determine your ultimate success, happiness and overall fulfillment in life!

I am sure that if someone told you a year ago we would be in our current situation, a common response would have been: “Oh, dear! I won’t survive that!” or “I will go absolutely crazy!”. Yet, I am certain that most of us are still relatively sane and doing quite well, despite the realities. You never know how much strength and resilience you have until it is really needed.

Never mind Covid-19 and all its challenges, the pace at which things change in normal life requires us to adapt constantly and show resilience. If things are out of our control, we should use the situation to cultivate adaptability and not fight or ignore the reality.

I say, move with it, create a successful outcome for you personally and next time a challenge comes along you can know that you have proven to yourself that you are a survivor, no matter what!

Ms Esna Louwrens
KeNako Academy Hostel Parent & Rundle College Teacher