The KeNako Academy students, who are from all walks of life and various parts of the world, embraced Heritage Day to celebrate the beauty and cultural wealth of South Africa. Students from Switzerland, Australia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and Swaziland, who have made KeNako Academy their home, have fallen in love with so many things that make South Africa and its people unique.

“Marvellous beaches embedded in scenic surroundings are only one of the things that can take your breath away. The country’s people offer hospitality and friendliness like no other and the vibrant music and culture expresses that even more.“ Kira Kappeler, Switzerland

I like South Africa because of the people. They are very kind and welcoming to anyone they see and meet.” Aayush Nathwani, Tanzania

South Africa is a beautiful country not only because of its beautiful scenery but also because of the mindset of its people. Even when things go wrong, they will always have a smile on their face.” Maeva Fardel Switzerland

Heritage Day – A day to recognise and celebrate the cultural wealth of our nation. With being in hostel we decided to spend time together, to show the foreign students how South Africans celebrate Heritage Day. We enjoyed the evening while girls prepared salads and boys were playing soccer outside, ending the evening with a braai by the pool. It was an enjoyable evening spent as a family.” Alyssa van Rooyen South Africa

Thank you to KeNako Academy hostel students Helga Rademacher, Ruby Rademacher and Kate Tinley for preparing the delicious side dishes for the braai on Heritage Day. The students prepared a delicious mayo potato salad and sweet carrot salad for everyone to enjoy on the public holiday.