KeNako’s Head Professional, Roger Wessels, already one of the most decorated professionals who is actively coaching in South Africa, has added further credentials to his impressive resumé.  Roger, who had a successful playing career and who also represented South Africa at the World Cup of Golf in 1994, has dedicated his life to coaching and he is making a big difference in the lives of the students at KeNako Academy, as results are now showing.  He recently attended 2 courses in Gauteng and he has just received his qualifications.  The first course was a 3 day course on the Meta-Coach Training System (Coaching Essentials/Communication Excellence).  He then attended Module 2 which was a 3 day course on the Meta-Coach Training System (Coaching Genius/Self-Leadership).  Roger is excited about these applications within the KeNako’s program as it gives the students practical ‘tools’ to recognise and develop resources that can have a constructive impact on their attitudes and their behaviour.   Recent learnings have already been incorporated into the ongoing weekly Mental Skills sessions and within the training programs on a broader basis.

Roger headshot 2015