Garry Player

Gary waits to greet Joshua and Sami, two KeNako students.

Gary Player

Gary makes an imaginary swing watched by Roger Wessels and two KeNako students, Garen and Daniel.

Gary Player

As always Gary was a thorough gentleman. Here he greets KeNako’s driver Rowlen Mourice outside the academy.

Gary Player

Gary shows amazing strength and agility as he holds up two irons with just two fingers. He challenged the boys to do it but they couldn’t!

Gary Player

No need to comment. Gary’s message says it all!


Gary Player visits KeNako Academy

KeNako was very pleased to be able to host Gary Player for a short visit last week.  Gary came to have a look at KeNako and despite his tight schedule he took the time to interact with our students, which was very exciting.  Gary made some interesting observations:

  • That for a serious golfer to be competitive and to succeed in the modern game, the physical side of golf is as important as the technical side;
  • He was very impressed that KeNako Academy includes such a highly qualified and diverse group of physical professionals to conduct the physical programmes for the students;
  • He stressed just how important nutrition is and how great it is that KeNako has an in-house nutritionist;
  • That having a fully equipped gymnasium at KeNako is wonderful.  Gary suggested that KeNako buy one additional piece of gym equipment that he felt will add even greater value to the physical side of KeNako’s golf coaching programme.  KeNako is already busy sourcing the new machine!

When Gary first saw the gym equipment he proudly reminded the boys that he had already done his one thousand sit ups for the day!  Gary, who recently turned 75, was able to show our students just how fit and strong he is and he kindly shared some of his immense golfing knowledge.

Gary truly is a wonderful ambassador for golf and a remarkable human being.