Gaining Perspective during Lockdown

Lockdown has certainly been a challenge for all of us. However, this time allows us to reflect on ourselves, work on ourselves and, above all, gain perspective.

As we live in a boarding school, we are all in tune with each other and know each other’s boundaries and soft spots. As the time in which we are around each other has significantly increased, there may be instances in which we find ourselves overstepping those boundaries. We are learning to fine-tune our actions around other people. Having to do online schooling forces us to better our time management as well as work responsibly and independently, a skill that will definitely benefit us in the future stages of our lives.

We are incredibly lucky, experiencing lockdown at #KeNakoAcademy, where we have a gym, a garden and much more to keep ourselves busy. This is a time to think of the less fortunate and be grateful for what we have.

Since there are no staff members at KeNako right now, we do everything ourselves, including the laundry, the cooking and maintaining and cleaning the building. We get insight of what the staff do on a daily basis, which is more than we thought. This situation really does make us appreciate them even more.

We certainly gain teamwork skills since certain days are assigned to groups of three to look after the kitchen and prepare the food. We try to help and complement each other at all times in what we do.

Lockdown forces us to apply certain mental skills taught and reinforced by Head Golf Coach Roger Wessels and our Hostel Parents Judy Westraat and Esna Louwrens as we have no choice but to think positively and look forward. We should remind ourselves of what we have. Gratitude and seeing the positive will change each day to a beautiful opportunity to learn something new.

Kira Kappeler
Rundle College Prefect
KeNako Academy Golf & Hostel Student