Although the KeNako students are golf orientated and spend most of their time participating in the golf program, a free weekend is something to look forward to as it provides the Academy with an opportunity to do something completely different but still challenging and fun. Hikes up the mountain, time on the beach, bicycle rides are some of the activities organised for the students but recently the Academy created its own Amazing Race. There were four members per team and the challenges were based around team work and organizational skills but incorporated life skills and fitness components.

The first activity had the students on their bicycles looking for clues in a nearby suburb, second activity was on Kingswood Golf Estate looking for clues on certain features around the golf course and activity three required the students to find products at a nearby Checkers and then run back to the Academy. These three activities had the teams racing against the clock and it was fantastic to see their competitive spirit come out and do the best they could.

Marks allocated to the last activity were at the discretion of KeNako’s enthusiastic chef as the teams had to make their dinner in the KeNako kitchen, the meals were pretty impressive and a great way to end the day. Everyone had a fantastic time even though quite a few clues were missed and an open weekend is already being identified for the next race.